The Potter's Meal The Potter's Meal: A Film About Joseph Bennion

Director: Steve Olpin, 1992.
Length: 27 minutes.
Format: VHS.
Purchase: Postpaid US $29.
Available from: Horseshoe Mountain Pottery, PO Box 186, Spring City, UT 84662.

The Potter's Meal is a film by our friend Steve Olpin that looks at a potter's life, work and philosophy. This is not a how to film though it features a fair amount of footage of Joe at the wheel and in the shop. Made in 1992 the piece features the whole Bennion family. It was featured in the 1993 Sundance Film Festival, received the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis and won a handful of awards at statewide and regional film festivals. This is a quality film that appeals to potters and non-potters alike. University classes in humanities, education, art, writing and psychology regularly use this interesting and insightful film in their curriculum.


    Potting is the closest thing I have to full time employment, but the biggest part of my energy and work goes into the household. - Joseph Bennion

    "This video takes the viewer for a close look into the life and work of Utah potter Joseph Bennion. The above quote comes early in the action, and we discover its truth as the camera follows him through his everyday activities. Potting, gardening, cooking, biking, parenting - each is shown as Bennion explains his thoughts on his work, his life, his theology. This is really a film about integration - putting all the elements of one's life together into a seamless fabric. It shows that the everyday rituals in which we engage can make important statements about who we are and what we are trying to do.

    Featuring the entire Bennion family, original music by friends Tom and Gael Schultz, and the skills of filmmaker Steve Olpin, this video is a very tasty treat indeed. I showed it to non-potting friends of mine, and they were entranced."

    Richard Aerni
    Studio Potter Network Newsletter

    "As another potter the thing that intrigued me about this film was that it captured (his) involvement with the act of making, the gesture and rhythm as a major affirmation of life and should serve as an example for many of our young aspiring crafts people."

    Warren MacKenzie

    "When is this guy going to grow up?"

    Anonymous college student in Pennsylvania

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