orseshoe Mountain Pottery is located at 278 South Main Street in Spring City. The show room is connected to my work area. The pottery studio is housed in a century old commercial building at 278 South Main Street.

When visiting the shop you can look through new wares while watching the potter at work if you are lucky enough to catch me there. In the showroom you will find a good selection of useful pottery for the household. All of the pottery is hand made and wood fired at the studio. The studio hours are by chance or appointment. If you would like to call ahead the number is 435-462-2708. This number rings both of the our studios and our home so chances are good of getting someone. My email is joe.the.potter@rocketmail.com.

So much of what is offered for sale in this country today is mass produced, industrial and often comes from foreign sources. Between the point of origin and the retail outlet are a great number of middlemen, packaging and transportation costs. By coming to Spring City and purchasing our pottery you are bypassing all of that and connecting with this art work at it's source. You are also supporting a local economy and a family rather than a large corporation. We are the manufacturing equivalent of the small family farm. Our products are most certainly fair traded. We hope that you will feel the need for this kind of economic activity. Because of the above mentioned reasons all pottery sold at the studio is half of the retail price. This does not include mail orders, special orders, telephone orders or pots purchased from our Collector's Gallery. One of the things I am offering to the public is my energy. It takes me as much time and energy to pack and ship an order of pots as it does to form those pots. If you come to my studio and make a purchase you are saving me a lot of time. Over the years I have tried a variety of sales venues and marketing plans for the pottery. None have worked as well as selling directly to the public from the studio. I invite you to help me spread the word about how we make our living. Please share this web site with your friends and neighbors. If you would like to share our printed newsletter just pick some up when you visit the shop or send us a card or email requesting newsletters to share and we will mail them out to you.

These are hard economic times. The art market seems to be on hold. Please consider making more of your gift giving purchases at Horseshoe Mountain Pottery. Think of us for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays. Consider pottery for your business associates, employees and clients. We can even do something special for large orders.

This pottery is made with daily use in mind. It's intended venue is the house hold dinner table, the kitchen, the hand and the mouth. I am mindful of this scenario when making the pots. I want them to integrate in use rather than demand attention. I try to make simple shapes with minimal decoration while still meeting the aesthetic needs of the people who use them. This works best for me. I have a great appreciation for the work of potters who employ more active surfaces. I do not intend to say here that this is the right way to do it.

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