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Grand Canyon Voyages

Journey through the longest stretch of wilderness river in the lower 48 States. Among our guides and crew you will find some of the best people working the river in Grand Canyon.

There will be readings, discussions, stories, music, hiking, swimming, solitude, laughter and much more. We will visit ancient sacred sites, fern glens, waterfalls, quiet side canyons and share nutritious home cooked meals.

An oar-powered rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is the ultimate and most sought-after white water adventure in North America. Other rivers may offer comparable excitement, solitude and wonder, but in much smaller doses. No other river allows you to run its length for two weeks, shedding the inessential trappings of civilization, like so much dry skin, as you float past some of the oldest exposed rocks on the planet. The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable tourist destinations in the world, but relatively few people see its glory from the bottom up, or experience its meandering as intimately as in an oar-powered boat, which puts you closer to the water than larger, motor-driven craft. If you watched Ken Burns PBS documentary "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" then you will want to come see this premier park as few get to see it.

If you decide to join us on a Grand Canyon Voyage, expect to be challenged and for your life to be changed. You may forget what the walls of your office look like, or what it's like to wake to the sound of an alarm. You'll wake instead to the sound of a cheerful guide calling "Coffee" and serving breakfast at dawn. Getting on the water early allows us to make miles in the cool and calm of the morning. We stop frequently to visit side canyons with deep narrow walls, waterfalls and swimming holes, hanging fern gardens, natural chapels and concert halls. There is ample time for hiking, swimming and lizarding on flat rocks in the sun. Lunch is served on beaches or in side canyons, wherever we can find shade. We like to get into camp early to allow time for each participant to find some solitude, and so the crew can prepare wholesome and tasty dinners. If you choose to join us on this trip, expect a degree of renewal far more profound than what you typically experience while on vacation.

We began taking private family trips down this river in 1992, and have returned many times since then. A few years ago, we began working occasional commercial trips, and this will be Joe's ninth season working regularly with Tour West. This will be our fourth charter trip with them, and our intention is to put together a dream crew and facilitate a truly memorable experience for our friends. We will design the menu ourselves, as food is for us an essential component of a good trip. You'll find no rehydrated rice and beans or TVP here, but gourmet meals from fresh ingredients; the cargo space on a fleet of 18' rafts makes this the luxury cruise of back country trips. Guests are allowed but not required to help with meal preparation. We want to serve you and help you have as relaxing an experience as possible, but we have found as with any group of hungry people who enjoy each other's company, that come evening the kitchen is often where the action is to be found.

If you are interested in joining us on the river, please contact Joe or Lee. We will be happy to answer your questions. We recommend that you invest in a trip insurance policy to protect your payments, as some cancellations are unforeseen and unavoidable. We can provide you with trip insurance information at the time that we receive your deposit.

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Grand Canyon 2013 and 2014

Our June 2013 trip is sold to an educational institution. The next available launch is in September 24, 2014. We have decided to make this trip longer that we have in the past to alow for more hiking time in the pleasant fall weather. We will take 18 days to make the 226 mile journey. The days are shorter and the water slower and more time is needed to get down the river. Late September through early October is a great time to be in the Grand Canyon. The heat is mellowing out from he summer’s “stinking hot and stupid dog days”. This will be an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon in the warm days and beautiful light of autumn. The cost, is about $5000.00 per person. Contact Joe for details. 435-462-2708 or joe@joethepotter.com.

Cataract Canyon

We can also book trips in Cataract Canyon through Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. Tour West is our outfitter in this venture also. Cataract Canyon trips are shorter, usually 5 or 6 days. If you have an interest in a Cat trip for you, your friends and family call joe at 435-462-2708. Dates can be arranged. Here is a link to some great Cataract Canyon images.


Though not as long, deep or famous as the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon is a very good ride and a nice shorter river experience for those who can't get away for two to three weeks but don't want to go as fast as a motor trip requires.

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